Walking street

Probably the most famous street in Pattaya is walking street. If you are in the neighbourhood it's worth a visit. The street lies in the South of Pattaya and closes for traffic during the evening when it becomes one big party zone. The street is packed with bars, gogo bars, disco's and restaurants and looks like one big circus. In general the music is loud, very loud and lot's of Thai girls are out on the street trying to get the attention of the men and to lure them into one of the gogo bars.

The street attracts many different kinds of people which makes it fun to observe the masses and action. Even though some tourist come here with kids I do not think it's appropriate. But it sure is fun to experience it all.

Lots of ladyboys are on the lookout for business and can be rather agressive from time to time. Especially drunk tourists need to watch out for pickpockets.


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