Thailand by train

Train from Udonthani to Khon Kaen

Traveling by train through Thailand is a lot of fun. You meet local people and enjoy some nice scenery. And it’s cheap!!! But for this you have to travel 3rd class and during daytime.

Travel dirt cheap

I made a trip from Udonthani to Khorat, straight through the rural part of Thailand with a stopover at Khon Kaen. The early train leaves Udonthani at 7.30 and takes about 2,5 hours to get to Khon Kaen. I believe the ticket was about 25 baht. Along the way it will stop at several tiny villages surrounded by lots of rice fields and sugar plantations. 

The below two videos cover the first leg of the trip from Udon to Khon Kaen. Both are large Thai cities in a part of Thailand which is called Esaan. This part of Thailand is non touristy and way cheaper then Bangkok. Little English is spoken and the food is sometimes unrecognizable!


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