Bangkok train station

Bangkoks main train station Hua Lamphong is a beauty. It's the oldest railway station of the country which is still in it's original state. Opened in 1916 it's the starting point of many trains going to the far corners of Thailand.

One of those famous rides is the overnight express train to Chiang Mai. Tickets for this route are often sold out days in advance so you need to reserve in time. A few years ago a number of trains derailed because of poor maintenance on the tracks. This caused massive delays.

To get to the station you can use a taxi which is very convenient. The station is located just outside of Chinatown so be prepared for some traffic jams when using the taxi. But the subway (MRT) also ends below Hua Lamphong which therefore might be more convenient to use, depending on where your hotel is located in Bangkok.

Around the station there are many touts trying to 'help' you with free advice or to lure you to a specific shop. Just friendly decline there offers. You can buy your tickets and get information in the station hall at the official counter. 


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