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Samut Sakhon fish market

Samut Sakhon is a small town about 35 kilometers outside of Bangkok. It is near the sea and famous for its fresh seafood market. Each morning fishing boats arrive to unload their catch of fish, shrimp or crab. The boats will dock at the auction place and from there on the seafood will find its way to the market and eventually end up in the restaurants of Bangkok later that day.

Visiting Samut Sakhon is an excellent day trip. You can easily arrange it on your own. Catch the BTS skytrainto Wong Wian Yai station and from there walk to Wong Wian Yai Railway station. It’s about 500 meter, just aks for directions or take a motorbike taxi. Another way to reach the train station is by taxi, just wave one down on the streets. Before you get in make sure the driver puts on the meter!

Every hour a train will depart for Samut Sakhon Mahachai station and it will take around 1 hour to get there. The train is old and loud. The seats are hard and there is no airconditioning but what can you expect for …