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Wat Kao Huan Jook Koh Samui

Staying on Koh Samui and want to visit a temple which is not crowded by tourists? Then you should visit Wat Kao Huan Jook. The temple is located in Chaweng on a small hill close to Chaweng lake and the airport, Q-bar is located on the same hill just below the temple. When staying in Chaweng you could probably visit it by foot but the easiest way is to just rent a motorbike and pay a visit while exploring the island.

What's so great about this temple are the magnificent views of Chaweng beach and Chaweng lake on the south side and at the north end you can watch the airplanes depart and arrive at Samui airport while in the far distance the island of Koh Phangan covers the horizon.

Crazy Thai traffic

So what would you do? A train is approaching and the crossing gates are about to close. A guy is holding a red flag to warn traffic of the approaching train and lowers the barriers slowly. Stop and wait for the train to pass would be logic and make the most sense. Why risk your life just to gain another 20 meters in traffic??? 

Well not in Thailand!! If there's an open spot to slip through the barriers and pass in front of the train, well let's use that opportunity! Watch  this crazy video and see how motorbikes but also the pedestrian at the end jumps in front of the train.

Train from Khon Kaen to Khorat

Traveling by train through Thailand is a lot of fun. You meet local people and enjoy some nice scenery. And it’s cheap!!! But for this you have to travel 3rd class and during daytime.

I made a trip from Udonthani to Khorat, straight through the rural part of Thailand with a stopover at Khon Kaen. The early train leaves Khon Kaen at 8.00 and takes about 4 hours to get to Khorat. I believe the ticket was about 38 baht. Along the way it will stop at several tiny villages surrounded by lots of rice fields and sugar plantations. 

The below two videos cover the second leg of the trip from Khon Kaen to Khorat. Both are large Thai cities in a part of Thailand which is called Esaan. This part of Thailand is non touristy and way cheaper then Bangkok. Little English is spoken and the food is sometimes unrecognizable!

Thai boxing Lamai beach

Staying in Lamai beach, Koh Samui and want to have some fun at night. Check out the Thai boxing event held every Saturday night. In the center of Lamai beach, just across the MacDonalds, there is a cluster of about 15 beer bars and right in the middle is a boxing ring. Every week on Saturday a boxing contest is organized with free seating! Make sure to be there in time as it can fill up quite quickly.

Watching the game from one of the bars is fun. There even are boxing matches for ladies and they sure know how to kick. The girls in the bars like to watch the match and cheer for their favorite. Sipping on your drink it's nice to soak up the atmosphere.