ATM or changing cash?

I have never seen a country that has so many ATM's. In populated areas you are probably within 200 meters of an ATM at any time. This is very convenient but watch out. Using your debit card for a cash withdrawel will be charged with a 200 baht fee. This is on top of the fee your own bank will charge! 

Besides these high fees, when using an ATM you can be confronted with the option to already know upfront which exchange rate is being used. In stead of showing this rate the screen displays the amount that will de deducted from your bank account in your home currency. This is called DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) and is always more expensive.

To avoid these fees you can bring cash. The questions is where to exchange it to Baht. Well at Suvarnabhumi airport in the basement (Airportlink station) there are 2 exchange booths with very competitive rates and no additional fees! These are branches of Superrich and Value plus. Only disadvantage is to walk around with a large sum of cash.


  1. See below video of Value+ exchange booth:


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