Biking in Bangkok

Bang Krachao, Bangkoks green lung biking tour

If you love to be active but have seen all of the tourist highlights of Bangkok a biking tour at Bang Krachao might be something for you. And the best thing is you can arrange it all by your self.

Bang Krachao is the green lung of Bangkok. It's like an peninsula in the south of Bangkok across the Chao Praya river. There are no high rises or traffic jams but quiet roads and local communities set in a lush green environment. The best way to explore this part of Bangkok is by bike. Check out this blog on how to get there and what to do.

How to get there

Get to the nearest MRT station and go to queen sirikit station. From there walk to the South to Rama IV road. There are stairs to cross the big road. On the opposite side Klong Toei market starts, which also makes for a very nice day trip. On the roadside take a motorbike taxi and say you want to go to the pier at Klong Toei temple (wat Kloeng Toei). I paid 30 bht for the ride which takes about 5 minutes. The motorbike taxi will drop you off at the pier. 

At het pier there is a sign of M-bikes. Just point at it and say you want to go there. They will either drop you of at Bang Krachao pier or the pier where M-bikes is located. Don't worry, both places rent out bikes so you will be fine. I did not have to pay for the boat ride as I rented a bike, the fare normally is 10 bht.

Renting a bike

As said at both piers there are bikes for rent. Renting for a whole day sets you back 80 bht. It's also possible to rent is for a few hours or half a day. Make sure you have a copy of your ID at hand or 1000 bht deposit. The lady I rented my bike gave me a free small bottle of water, make sure to bring a bigger one also as you will sweat a lot. Money in small notes is also recommended as not everyones has change from 1000 bht.

Explore the green lung of Bangkok

There are signs which you can follow but I'm not sure if its a route. I did try to follow the signs and it took me on an elevated small path through some lush jungle and swamp like environment. It's really fun to explore and see the skyline of Bangkok from a different angle. I also came across a big park which is named Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park And Botanical Garden. You are free to bike around the park.

As I had no map I just followed the road and had lunch at some local place. I turned back after a few hours as it started to rain but otherwise it makes up for a great half day or full day cycling trip. 


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