Mount Everest trek

The trek to Mount Everest is one of the classic treks in Nepal. Since the beginning of the fifties, this has been a popular destination, initially for the climbers and later for walkers who like to see with their own eyes the highest mountain of the world. It is not surprising that this area in Nepal is best developed. It has a reasonable tourist infrastructure. People are used to westerners and there are good opportunities for people to eat at home or in lodges. The Sherpa`s, the residents of the area have become world famous through thevarious expeditions through their perseverance, humor and openness. Through their many contacts with the “outside world” the Sherpa`s are well developed and well aware of the things that are outside of Nepal. The Sherpa`s are Buddhist and you will certainly be able to visit one of those mystical monasteries.

Our trek

Our trek starts with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. It’s a bit scary as the plane is small (about 20 persons) and the landing trip at Lukla is positioned on the side of a mountain at 2800 meters . In 2 days we walk from Lukla to Namche Bazar, located at 3500 meters altitude. In Namche Bazaar we stay 2 nights to get used to the altitude.
From Namche Bazaar we walk to Tengboche at 3860 meters altitude. Especially the second part of the trek to Tengboche is hard as we need to climb a steep slope. One you reach the top you arrive in Tengboche and its famous monastery.
After Dingboche the path brings us to Lobuche at 4910 meters. Lobuche lies next to the big Khumbu glacier which originates at Mount Everest. By now our bodies get tired of the intensive walks each day, the cold and the thin air. But the views are magnificent, it’s really unbelievable to see all these mountains from close by. Lucky for us we are also near the end point of the trek.
The next day we will reach the village of Gorak Shep (5164 meter). This will be the highest place of the trek where we will sleep. From Gorak Shep you can walk to Everest base camp and see the mighty Khumba icefall. You can also climb Kala Patar (5600 meter) to have the best view ever. From the top of this hill you have an astonishing view off all surrouding mountains and glaciers. It’s a view to die for.
 How to arrange a trek
We arranged our trek with a local guide. I met him a few years ago and since that time did 3 treks. As he is familiar with many treks and has a goverment permit it’s rather comfortable to let him arrange all kind of matters. It’s also a bit cheaper compared to a booking via an agency as all parties in between like to make a profit.

It’s difficult to mention prices as each year this will change due to inflation and exchange rate fluctuations. For those interested please drop me an email and I bring you in contact with the guide we hired.


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