Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport is one of the biggest airports in the world. It a HUB for South East Asia and handles international and some domestic flights.

When getting out of the plane just follow the signs 'immigration' and make sure you have filled out the arrival card which has been handed out in the plane. At immigration they make a photo of you and keep part of the arrival card. Make sure to store the other part of the arrival card (departure card) as you need it when leaving the country. Just behind immigration you find the luggage belts.

From here there are 2 options to get into town. Take a taxi or public transport. With the airport rail link (ARL) leaving the airport at the basement it's a quick and cheap option to get to downtown Bangkok. The ARL has connections to the skytrain and metro.

Taking a taxi is a good option outside of the rush hour. Leaving the airport a 50 baht surcharge is applied on the meter rate. Including express way fees you can reach most tourist parts of Bangkok for about 300 to 400 baht.


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