Crocodile farm Bangkok Samut Prakarn

Crocs, crocs and crocs...

Spending a few days in Bangkok is fun. The city has a lot to offer to tourist or frequent visitors. Beautiful temples, the royal palace, river cruise or biking around town, you have much choice how to spend your day. But one thing is sure you will be accompanied by a lot of other tourist. So if you want to avoid the mainstream spots and all the crowds try to make a trip over to the crocodile farm in Samut Prakarn.

How to get there

Samut Prakarn is on the outskirts of Bangkok, a bit below Suvarnabhumi airport. To reach the crocodile farm you can take a taxi anywhere in Bangkok. I guess a metered taxi will cost around 300 to 500 bht. A more convenient way is to take the BTS to Bearing station and from there take a taxi which will cost an additional 120 bht depending on traffic. Currently the BTS line is being extended so in the future the last part by taxi will be much shorter causing the trip to get there to be more easy.

What to expect

The entrance to the crocodile farm is 300 bht. It's not cheap but the crocodile show is without admission. And this show is one of the highlights of the visit!!

Besides the show you can walk around the cages that hold the crocs and walk over some kind of bridge to see a huge amount of crocodiles in a big artificial lake. And these animals are really huge and impressive. Beside crocs they als keep other animals like parrots and tigers but it's not that impressive and a bit sad to see.

All in all this place is great to visit. You can easily spend a few hours watching and feeding these monsters so it will be a great half day or full day trip.


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