4 islands day trip Koh Lanta

When holidaying on Koh Lanta one of the best day trips to make is a full-day excursion  the southern islands of Koh Lanta. After a pick up by van or truck a long-tail boat will be waiting for you at the port in the old town.

On this trip 4 islands will be visited including the famous Emerald cave at Koh Muk. The entrance of this cave is only accessible by boat during low tide. Best is to just jump in the ocean and swim through the 80 meters long cave. Guides with torches will assist you as is pitch black in the middle of the cave. At the end of the cave you will find paradise, a gorgeous white beach totally surrounded by steep cliffs covered in jungle vegetation.

The beautiful Koh Krahdan is a nice place to have lunch. The island houses just a few resorts and is surrounded by clear waters with magnificent corals making it a perfect place for snorkeling. 

On the way back to Koh Lanta the boat will make a stop close to Koh Ngai. Take a swim to cool off or put your mask on for some fish spotting.  Between Koh Muk and Koh Ngai are the small rocky islands of Koh Cheuk and Koh Maa which also offer great snorkeling opportunities.


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