Trek from Thong Nai Pan yai to Than Sadet, Koh Phangan

So there you are at Koh Phangan having fun at the full moon party, half moon party, black moon party and all the other excuses to have a drink. Having fun with your new friends is a great way to spend time on this magnificent island. But sooner or later you might want to get active and the island offers some great tracks.

One of them is the hike from Than Sadet to Thong Nai Pan beach or vice versa. The distance is about 3,5 kilometers and your going from sea level up to about 200 meters and back down to sea level.

Make sure to brink a rucksack with at least one liter of water, some sunscreen and put on a hat and some good shoes. The track is a dirt path which is steep at some parts and sometimes covered in vegetation. I made this roundtrip in May and it was very hot even in early morning. One way took me just over an hour but if you take some time to rest and maybe spot some lizards you can do it in 1 hour 30 minutes.

At Thong Nai Pan beach you can probably rent a long tail boat for the trip back to Than Sadet or another beach.


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